Name: Ali
Surname: Sheikhpour Ghasseminia

Mailing address:
Address: No.190, 12th Block, Ekbatan (pahse 2), Tehran, Iran
Postal code: 1396633449
Email: ali [at] newdesign [dot] ir

Personal status:
Date & place of birth: July 8th, 1983 Tehran / Iran
Gender: Male
Marital status: Married
Nationality: Iranian

• PhD candidate, Mechanical engineering, Design and Manufacturing, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran (2009- 2012).
• M.A in Industrial design, University college of Fine arts, University of Tehran, Iran, (2006-2009).
Thesis: “Designing the body of high speed storm resistant rescue boat”
• B.Sc. in Mechanical engineering, Faculty of engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, (2001-2006).
Cumulative GPA: 15.9/20
Thesis: “Technical and ergonomic design of Self-balancing Monocycle for daily transportation”

Implemented projects:
During graduate study:
• Collaboration on NABOVVAT SQ. interactive fountains.
• Manual modeling of SWATH (Small Water plane Area Twin Hull) boat (2007).
• Sustainable Design of charging system of mini cars for internal transportation of University of Tehran.
• Ergonomics project: Categorization of ergonomic color palettes for websites.
• Conceptual design of an electric charger for mobile phones.
• Object oriented modeling of web design process.
• Interior design of underwater ROV (Remotely operated vehicles) room.
• Design and programming of (The first Persian industrial design website).

During undergraduate study:
• Computer aided simulation of stream in a canal.
• Computer aided simulation of temperature distribution in a room.
• Computer aided simulation of air stream over an airfoil.
• Computer aided simulation of parametrical linkage mechanisms.
• Detailed design of portable drilling machine.
• Economic analysis of house heating systems.
• Detailed design of cooling room system.
• Founding the electronic database of Iranian metal industry for University of Tehran.
• Designing and programming of dynamic websites.

“Storm resistant boat designing based on the geometry and movement of water strider”, Journal of Bionic Engineering, Vol.5, 87-90
• More than 110 industrial design related articles for

Presentations and lectures:
• Theory of relativity, Theory of space-time (for students of art). (Listen in Farsi) (2015- Universtiy of art)
• “Storm resistant boat designing based on the geometry and movement of water strider”, the second international conference of bionic engineering, Jilin University, China (2008).
• “Technical and ergonomic design of Self-balancing Monocycle for daily transportation”, B.Sc. thesis, University of Tehran (2006).

Teaching/Administration experiences:
• Teacher, Design of Mechanical Mechanisms , Alzahra University (2016-Now)
• Teacher, Applied Geometry, Master of Industrial Design, Art University of tehran (2014-Now)
• Teacher, Mathematics, Industrial Design & Urban design, University of Pars (2014)
• Teacher, Technical Design (Design of Mechanical Mechanisms, Hydraulic and Pneumatic), Industrial design, University of Tehran (2008-Now)
• Teacher, Mathematics, Industrial design, University of Tehran (2008-2013)
• Teacher, Technical Design (1,2: Strength of materials, Design of Mechanical Mechanisms) Industrial design, Kish International Campus, University of Tehran, (2011-2013)
• Teacher, Physics (Static's, Dynamics, Lighting), Industrial design, Kish International Campus, University of Tehran, (2011-2013)

Work experience:
• 2 years programming for Zing at Dade pardazan Hooman Kavosh.
• Design and production of "Testing system for Hydraulic actuator" @ Servo Hydraulic Pouya (2012)
• Collaboration with Favaran (Water Features) (2011).(link)
• Production of a mini SWATH (Small waterplane area twin hull) for Amir Kabir University.
• Member of R&D in “Jahad” engineering department, University of Tehran (2005).
• Team working with underwater ROV (Remotely operated vehicles) design team (2006).
• Collaboration with ZAMYAD (Iranian automobiles manufacturer) (Summer 2004).
• Member of Jury of students innovation contest, University of Tehran (2003).
• Member of VK (Virtual Konkoor), Producing of educational CDs for high schools (2002-2003).
• Web developing; 10 years working on

• Ranked 4th in Iran’s national Industrial design Olympiad (2006).
• Ranked 6th in Iran’s national examination for graduate studies (2006).
• Ranked 1st as the "Best design research of 2008", Fine arts Paradise, University of Tehran.
• Ranked 211th among 300,000 participants in Iran’s national higher education Entrance Exam (2001).
• Ranked 1st in computer programming contest among Tehran high schools (2000).
• 2nd prize of Persian poetry festival, Toobaa (2003).

Computer skills:
• Programming: Android-JAVA, SQL, ASP, VBscript, Jquery, Java script, Html, CSS.
• Applications: Microsoft office, Microsoft Expression Web.
• CAD: Rhinoceros, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Mechanical desktop.
• Graphics: Adobe Photoshop.

Android Project:



Web designing (programming and/or graphic):



Farsi (Native)
English (good)
Arabic (good)

Ali Sheikhpour Ghasseminia

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