alireza safarian
نام و نام خانوادگی: alireza safarian
رشته: industrial design
شهر و کشور: Tehran، ايران
شغل: industrial design
تاريخ عضويت: 1387/8/25
صفحه اینترنتی:
I have graduated in B.D. from Iran University of Science & Technology ( I.U.S.T.) . I have good sketch & rendering ability & experte in design visualization software; (Photoshop, 3DS Max ,CATIA, solid work, rinho , ...) and I have mechanical abilities & prototyp make skills too. Some of my extra abilities are painting , drawing ,sculpture and some other skills. And some invention too. I have experienced in product design, packaging design and playing area for childern to enviroment fields.
I am working in departmant disign and manefactor of atomic energy organistion of iran
Tehran, Iran
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