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Iranian Industrial Design:

Newdesign.ir stands as a dynamic and influential Persian website dedicated to the field of Industrial Design. Within our platform, content is generated and contributed by our esteemed members, each of whom maintains a personalized profile. These profiles encompass essential details such as personal information, showcasing their individual designs, and providing a comprehensive overview of their engagement and history of activities on our website. This collaborative approach fosters a vibrant and interactive community, where members actively share their expertise, creations, and experiences, contributing to the rich tapestry of industrial design knowledge and innovation within our platform.

Newdesign.ir operates autonomously, free from any affiliations with academic institutions or organizations. Its inception dates back to 2006, when two students from the University of Tehran, namely Ali Sheikhpour Ghasseminia and Mahdi Moghimi, conceived the concept. At that time, there was a noticeable absence of Farsi-language industrial design resources on the internet. Although information on the subject was available across various Iranian websites and blogs, it remained dispersed, unsearchable, and unorganized.

Today, after more than 17 years, Newdesign.ir boasts an extensive repository of content related to industrial design. This repository comprises 1751 articles and a repository of 220 valuable links. Furthermore, it features a substantial database encompassing 8570 Iranian industrial designers. These designers not only receive regular newsletters containing updates and news but also actively engage in the website's various activities.

It is worth noting that all articles and content undergo a rigorous review and revision process by our team of dedicated website moderators before they are published, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy.

In addition to our extensive content offerings, we have also implemented an intelligent dynamic glossary that encompasses technical terminology relevant to industrial design and associated fields. Initially, this glossary comprised 300 key terms. However, its functionality extends beyond mere static definitions. Our system actively tracks and reports user search queries, allowing our proficient moderators to continuously expand and refine the glossary's content based on emerging search trends and the frequency of repeated searches. As of today, our dynamic glossary encompasses a comprehensive collection of 1070 words. This iterative process ensures that our glossary remains up-to-date and comprehensive, serving as a valuable resource for our users seeking clarification on technical jargon within the realm of industrial design.

Newdesign.ir, with a daily page view of 8699 , has become a central hub for Persian industrial designers. It facilitates contract initiation and official connections through its data and profiles, making it an ideal platform for industrial design advertisements. Our content, including articles, categories, member histories, and profiles, currently spans 32000 pages and continues to grow.

The entire programming of Newdesign.ir adheres meticulously to SEO standards and has been expertly crafted by Ali Sheikhpour Ghasseminia. Remarkably, half of our daily visitors are directed to our website through referrals from Google and other prominent search engines.

Newdesign.ir is aiming at Sustainability which is a hot topic in the world of ID nowadays, but due to the lack of communication, and abundance of energy in Iran, Iran has not entered into this vast stream. Lack of water, pollution, along with cultural dilemmas are moving forward into Iranian society. These will make sustainability the future for Iran too.

Any new ideas is welcomed. We are looking for a better world through new ideas.

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